Mathea Ford RD Announces The Launch of Her New Book Series "Renal Diet HQ IQ-Pre Dialysis Living"

Mathea Ford and Renal Diet HQ annouce the release of an new book series for pre-dialysis diabetic and pre-dialysis patients. This series is based on a great deal of research and survey data that was collected to create the title list for the series!

Mathea Ford Rd Announces The Launch Of Her New Book Series “renal Diet Hq Iq-pre Dialysis Living”Moore, OK (I-Newswire) July 9, 2013 - Renal Diet Headquarters and CEO Mathea Ford, RD/LD announces the launch of her new book series "Renal Diet HQ IQ-Pre Dialysis Living". The first book in the series "Eating A Pre-Dialysis Kidney Diet-Calories, Carbohydrates, Protein & Fat" will be available beginning this week in print form via Amazon and also available in the very popular Kindle format for purchase. The series will include twelve books and include such topics as: Eating Out, Labs & Medical Terminology, Treatment Options and Exercise, just to name a few. Each book will contain a wealth of information and resources that patients can use to formulate questions for use with their medical team. In the series each book will contain between 30 to 50 pages of print material that will be useful for practical knowledge for each patient.

Mathea Ford RD, CEO of Renal Diet HQ and author of this series spent the last three years gathering the information and formulating the material for the bulk of this series and she is very happy and excited to get this series kicked off. To all the friends and family that made the book possible including her fine group of employees at Renal Diet HQ, she owes the greatest of thanks and gratitude for their support over last few years. Research has taken her away from her family and friends many times and she wishes to convey the best to all in her circles. She was quoted on release day as saying "This series of books has been a long time coming, many of my clients and associates have been asking me to write this series for some time and I just had to put the business to the side for period of time to get this done. I have many great friends and family and I hope that many persons in the world will benefit from this pre-dialysis informational series. What an honor!"

Brought to you by Healthy Diet Menus for You, LLC, Renal Diet HQ specializes in renal diets and meal planning both for pre-dialysis and dialysis patients. The Renal Diet HQ website provides valuable information for all types of kidney disease patients through an extensive information library of articles and a fully functional blog written by the CEO and Registered Dietitian, Mathea Ford.Renal Diet HQ is committed to bringing the utmost quality and service to it is client base through it's website and toll free phone number. Specializing in this very complicated and unique group of patients, Renal Diet HQ is proud to be a superb resource that can be relied upon by it's clients to meet the demands that our client's desire.

Renal Diet HQ is operated by Healthy Diet Menus For You, LLC located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and is operated by the principals Mathea Ford RD/LD MBA and Chief Executive Officer and Donovan Ford, Chief Operations Officer. Healthy Diet Menus For You, LLC was launched in January 2011 as the brain child of Mathea Ford who is also currently serving as CEO. Healthy Diet Menus For You, LLC provides meal plans for diabetic, gestational diabetic, renal, renal diabetic and cardiac patients.

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