How Can You Live With Kidney Disease

How Can You Live With Kidney DiseaseIf you have recently been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, you might be feeling a bit hopeless at the moment. Right after a diagnosis like this, so many people feel hopeless or lost as to what to do next. How exactly can you live with kidney disease?  You may ask yourself, how long can you live with stage 3 kidney disease?  The answer is - a very long time.  Especially with improved diet and management.

Chin Up

The first step to living with kidney disease is realizing that all is not lost. You can do so much to extend your life, health, and comfort that can really benefit you. If you continue to lose yourself in your hopelessness, you are unlikely to follow through with the steps you need to take to make yourself as healthy as possible.  It's ok to feel sad sometimes but you should realize that you are going to make a change and it will improve your health.

You need to realize that there is hope for you yet. In fact, with the right treatment, you can start feeling better than ever. It starts with listening to what your doctors have to say and ends with realizing that the responsibility for your health is in your hands. Did you know, for example, that you have the potential to actually stop the progression of kidney disease with the right diet and treatment?

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Make Changes

The number one way you can control your chronic kidney disease is to make changes to your life, specifically to your diet. Even with all of the tests and medications and treatments that the doctors can provide cannot help you nearly as much as you can help you. Controlling your diet is the number one treatment for chronic kidney disease, and carefully following a sensible kidney safe diet is how you could potentially avoid end-stage renal disease and dialysis.  You might think that it's hard to follow the diet and other restrictions but with some planning and help (recipes for you) you can get started right now.

Get To Know the New You

You cannot expect yourself to just magically know how to choose and cook the right healthy foods when you have been eating a certain way your entire life. It will take time, work, and a bit of research to learn a whole new lifestyle. So don't expect to just automatically know how to build a healthy meal plan and cook kidney safe meals.  You need some time to learn about what the restrictions are for CKD Stage 3 or Dialysis.

You can get a better idea of how and what to eat by looking up recipes. Find kidney safe specific meals that look good to you. Despite what many people think, eating healthy for chronic conditions does not mean you have to eat bland and boring foods. You can build delicious and healthy meals that you and your whole family will love.

After a while of researching kidney safe recipes and following directions on those recipes, you will get a handle on what foods are good to eat and be able to build your own recipes. Soon enough, as hard as it may seem now, it will all be second nature to you.

So, how do you live with kidney disease? Simply put, you just do it. You pull yourself out of the helplessness you may feel and you start focusing on what you can do to make yourself better. It is true that you will always have chronic kidney disease, there is no going back. It is also true that with the right changes to your diet and lifestyle; you can start feeling better than you have in a very, very long time. For more information Check out my Kidney Diet Starter Kit!

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  1. This is so impactful and motivational to me! I need this! I am 24 years old and on stage 3 chronic kidney disease, newly diagnosed, barely diagnosed this April. I live in California. I have no one in my family on a kidney disease. I learn more each day about chronic kidney disease and living with it. CKD has been life-changing for me. I know quite a lot about CKD now and am finding ways to cope with it. Articles like these always help me.