Suffering With Chronic Kidney Disease

Suffering With Chronic Kidney DiseaseIf you are living with chronic kidney disease and are suffering because of it, there are things you can do to lessen the discomfort and live a healthier life. Many people are resistant to change, even when prompted by their physicians, but after truly suffering you might find yourself more ready to make the changes you need to be more comfortable.

Know You Aren't Alone

It is estimated that one in every ten adults are living with chronic kidney disease. That means that well over 20 million adults have chronic kidney disease, and that includes a significant portion of people that probably do not even know they are ill. If you are still feeling alone in your struggle, ask your doctor if there are meet-ups or support groups in your area or search the web for some.

Know That CKD Is Not Hopeless

According to the United States Center for Disease Control, kidney disease is the 9th leading cause of death in America. Thankfully, with research and treatment, work is being done to lessen the numbers of people that are killed by this chronic disease.

The fact is that while kidney function may never be recovered, chronic kidney disease can be treated and the progression of the condition dramatically slowed with the right treatment. With awareness, proper treatment and diet, and patient compliance, this disease is absolutely treatable. You can still live a healthy and happy life with chronic kidney disease.

Follow Doctors' Orders

To lessen your suffering, seek the help of medical professionals. Doctors, nurses, and nutritionists are there to help you live the healthiest life possible. Listen to what they say and follow their instructions to the very best of your ability. Follow up with all treatments and do no skip your appointments.

Remember-- successful treatment for chronic kidney disease starts and ends with you.

Manage A Healthy Renal Diet

Part of following your doctors' orders will be adhering to some potentially strict dietary restrictions. What you eat has a surprisingly huge effect on the outcome of chronic kidney disease and the symptoms you deal with.

The issue with chronic kidney disease is that the kidneys are losing function and are not able to properly perform the functions they are meant to do. The kidneys perform many functions, but their main function is filtering the blood of excess waste, fluid, and nutrients that are harmful in large amounts. These materials that build up are the building blocks of your dietary restriction lists: fluid, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, and sometimes protein. All of these materials are typically considered to be healthy, but can be extremely dangerous when they build up.

Chronic kidney disease can be an extremely difficult and uncomfortable illness to live with, but if you follow these tips, you do not have to suffer so much. It really all comes down to you. Keep following the tips and be consistent with your appointments, medical instructions, and diet and eventually you can find yourself living a happy and healthy life.

For a healthy meal plan to help living with chronic kidney disease, click here.

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