The Doctor Has Diagnosed Me with Renal Disease, Now What?

The Doctor Has Diagnosed Me With Renal Disease, Now What?Hearing the news that you have renal disease might be a shock. Despite the fact that millions of Americans are living with renal disease, you might be feeling scared, alone, and unsure about how to progress.

The fact is that your life is about to change, or at least it should. The good news is that you do have most of the control and can change the outcome of your life and this disease. If you make good choices, living as healthily as possible, you can slow the progression of renal disease and extend your life and comfort.

So, now that you have been diagnosed with renal disease, now what? What is next for you?


After first being diagnosed, you likely have a lot of questions about what renal disease is and what might happen to your body. Take advantage of any pamphlets your doctor gives you, and ask for recommendations of websites to read about renal disease. The more you know, the more you can be prepared.  That being said, there is such thing as too much research, and you should avoid scaring yourself by over searching and focusing on potential negative outcomes. The point of your research should be to learn about what renal disease is, and what you can do to stay healthy.

Ask Questions

Your doctors and other health care providers are there to help you. Do not be ashamed or shy to ask questions when you have them. In fact, make a list of questions that come up and go through that list with your physician.

Make Changes

To live your life as healthily as possible might require you to make big changes in your life. For example, if you have a big problem controlling your diet, you are going to need to start fresh. It might be a good idea to get together all of the foods that don't make your dietary restrictions and throw them out or donate them.

Big changes will likely need to be made in your lifestyle, but often the little changes make just as much difference. Taking a nice long walk in your neighborhood each day, for example, is a little change that boosts your overall health and can make a big difference when done regularly.

Make It Easier On Yourself

Many people, without ever realizing it, make things more difficult for themselves. Instead of making things harder, set yourself up for success. Do things that make it easier for you to follow through with diet and lifestyle changes, as well as other parts of your life that may be affected by your renal disease.

For example, to focus on a healthy diet that fits into the many dietary restrictions you might have, simply do not allow certain foods in your house. If you buy potato chips, even for someone else in the house, you are more likely to be temped and ultimately break down.

Set alarms and keep a calendar for doctors’ visits, get your friends and family in on your daily exercise, and get a pill organizer for any medications you take. Anything to make things easier on yourself will make a huge difference in your daily life.

Follow Up

Always remember to follow doctors’ orders, and follow up with your healthcare providers whenever necessary. If you have questions or concerns, always report them and never skip appointments.

Right now, being diagnosed with renal disease might seem like a scary thing. Your life is not over, however. In fact, you have a happy and healthy life ahead of you if you take control and do what needs to be done. For more information  about renal disease, click here.

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