Create Your Own Kidney Diet Plan Book

You know that you have kidney disease, and it's not really getting any better. Have you reached stage 3 or stage 4 kidney disease, and you need help with meal planning so you can stop the damage?

Look no further, we have created an easy to understand plan for you to follow along and create your own meal plan using your own information - height, weight, age. And provided an excel spreadsheet that will do the math for you! It's easy to get this done. Learn more about what types of foods to eat and what types of meals to create.

Besides the spreadsheet, we provide you with an exhaustive list of foods that are categorized by type of food and how much sodium, potassium or phosphorus they contain. We even give you a list of fast foods that will help you make better decisions. Don't waste any more time, get started now!

Create Your Own Kidney Diet Plan – Build a Meal Pattern for Stage 3 or 4 Kidney Disease is an invaluable resource for those managing kidney disease. Written by a clinical dietitian, this book offers clear guidance on how to calculate BMI, BMR, and set a calorie limit for those with Stage 3 or 4 Kidney Disease. The author emphasizes the importance of making dietary changes to improve kidney function and avoid dialysis.

The book includes a promised Excel spreadsheet to track your diet and provides suggestions for portion control and fiber intake. The book also focuses on calculating protein, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus intake. Additionally, it offers delicious recipes that are low in phosphorus and potassium and moderate in sodium, while still being flavorful.

The book has received positive reviews from some readers who found it helpful in making dietary changes. This book would be beneficial for those with kidney disease who are looking for a comprehensive guide to help them make dietary changes. With its clear explanations, easy to follow instructions, and helpful resources, Create Your Own Kidney Diet Plan is an essential book for those seeking to manage their kidney disease.

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