All About the Renal Menu Diet Plan

Why use a Renal Menu Plan?

If you are suffering from kidney problems such as stage 2 – 5 kidney failure, then you may already understand the importance of following a very tight diet plan in order to prevent kidney failure and renal diseases. You can follow a renal menu diet plan if it appeals to you – and the truth is this is one of the best kidney diet programs to follow because it addresses all the aforementioned problems.  A renal menu will still provide the sufficient nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body requires to keep going.

The Beneficial Aspects of a Renal Menu Plan

A renal menu program will limit your intake of certain fluids as well protein, potassium, sodium and phosphorous. Since your kidneys are meant to remove the harmful toxins and excess minerals from your body, it is the task of the renal menu plan to help the process by reducing what the kidneys have to work on. Another important benefit to take note of is that the renal diet is designed to help your body from progressing into a complicated renal failure. Renal failure is when the kidneys stop working altogether, so the mere aspect that a simple (albeit somewhat strict) diet can prevent this is clearly amazing to consider.

The third benefit one can reap from a renal menu is that the foods included are also good for people suffering from diabetes.  Diabetes and kidney failure are usually closely associated so having one diet program to answer them all is a multi-purpose plan that saves time, money and effort. The diet is not that hard to follow although it does limit a lot of food like dairy products, most meal items with sodium and proteins, and your liquids intake. It can be very limiting and it does take a lot of discipline to follow. This is mostly because a renal diabetic diet limits your choices even more than regular diabetes or kidney diets would.  This is because a diabetic renal menu diet is a last choice for those suffering from a combination of these complications.

Sample Renal Menu Plan

Here is a clear sample of what a renal menu actually looks like:

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs, one slice of toasted white bread with margarine, and a serving of cranberry juice, coffee or tea.
  • Lunch: a basic sliced turkey sandwich (turkey, sourdough bread, mayonnaise, tomatoes, and lettuce), one apple and diet soft drinks.
  • Dinner: broiled garlic shrimp served with white rice, asparagus, small bits of pineapple and water.
  • Snacks: graham crackers and grapes

This meal pattern may seem very limiting but it effectively reduces the work the kidneys have to do  It is an effective way to prevent renal failure while keeping your body in a diabetic safe zone. Still, with a diet plan as sensitive and crucial as the renal menu plan, it is highly important to seek professional medical help first and to get their opinion on what kind of renal menu you should follow. In this case, do not go for do-it-yourself diet plans as it is preferred to use a pre-done renal menu plan that was scientifically structured for maximum safety and for the best health benefits you can get.

Choose a renal menu plan that provides the meals, recipes, grocery list and nutritional information that you need to follow a proper diet and improve your kidney health.

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