Potassium and Phosphorus Food Lists

Potassium and Phosphorus Food Lists


A list of over 300 common and uncommon grocery items and foods and the corresponding nutritional values for potassium and phosphorus by common serving size.


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Mathea Ford RD/LD

When searching for a renal diet grocery list it is important to survey the amount of potassium and phosphorus in many common and uncommon foods.  This list is curated by registered dietitian and published author Mathea Ford RD/LD. It will allow you to calculate the amount of each nutrient taken in so that you can apply those numbers in your daily meal plan.  This list is a must have tool that you must add to your arsenal.



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Listed By Ascending Potassium & Phosphorus

Listed By Ascending Potassium & Phosphorus

Alphabetical List By Food & Category

Alphabetical List By Food & Category







List is provided in two formats:

    • List of foods from low to high in nutritional value
    • List of foods in alphabetical order by category

Food categories of interest included in these lists:

Bagel, Beans, Beef, Beverage, Biscuit, Bread, Breakfast, Candy, Cereal, Cheese, Chicken, Condiment, Crackers, Dessert, Egg, Fast Food, Fish, Flour, Fruit, Grains, Juice, Lamb, Nuts, Pasta, Pork, Soup, Turkey, Vegetable, Vegetarian

Any doubts you have about this list? There over 300 food items that most likely cover your entire diet! There are not many lists available with this many items and  none as extensive as this one.  You can not pass this one up!


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If you need a full meal planner then follow the links below that apply.  Each pre-dialysis meal plan member receives this list with the monthly meal plan in Renal Diet HQ IQ Module 2.


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