About Us

Mathea Portrait 1Renal Diet Menu Headquarters is a website that provides specialized information about renal and kidney diets to those people who need more information from a professional.  The website is owned by a registered dietitian, and I work to bring you specialized nutritional information that relates only to the renal diet needs that you have.

I realized that you have a need for information about a kidney diet, whether it be about a pre-dialysis diet or after you have started on dialysis even if you have been on a renal diet for a while.  You need to understand more about a loved ones diet, or you need to know what to do now that your diet is changing as your kidneys move through the different stages of the disease process.  I am here to help guide you and provide you with information about how you can make a better nutritional and healthy decision based on what you are doing.

I am always going to defer to your dietitian that you work with on a regular basis because he or she works with you and knows your specific labs and story, but I am here to provide some additional resources to you and guide your thoughts to make life easier.

I hope that you will sign up for the newsletter and learn more about your diet as well as gather some recipes that are the right ones for your renal diet menu plans.  We also provide meal plans for your diet, both kidney dialysis and pre-dialysis.  I invite you to take a look around and let me know if I can provide any additional answers for you.  Email me at admin@renaldiethq.com

Thank you and best wishes on your new found renal diet menu plan!

Mathea Ford RD/LD Moore, OK USA